Head Chef (Production)

Position Purpose

Responsible for all areas of Bokashi food production & operations, daily
management and ensuring the highest standard of quality in food delivery and
hygiene. Guide and direct the kitchen brigade to ensure consistency and a high
level of performance and presentation.

Qualifications : 

• Strong culinary skills, with experience in a similar position
• Leadership and management skills to manage kitchen staff effectively
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining
exceptional quality of food
• Excellent organizational skills to manage inventory and stock
• Knowledge of local food trends and flavors to create dynamic menus
that match our brand
• Strong communication skills to communicate effectively with kitchen
staff, management, and customers
• Ability to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in the kitchen
• Certification in food hygiene and safety or equivalent
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in culinary arts or a related field

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