About Us


LYD Group is a hospitality and lifestyle consortium, building iconic brands with service-oriented experiences, all while respecting local traditions.

Location + Service are at the core of our ethos, combined with an understanding of local cultures, we build human-centered experiences that resonate with multiple markets alike.

We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible within Bali, throughout Indonesia, and around South-East Asia.

Our passion lies in the people who work for our diverse group, fostering growth that aligns with our values of the best possible service and products.

Our Mission

To investigate the boundaries between collaboration & innovation, utilizing unexpected and memorable moments, inviting people to explore and engage with their surroundings.


Gonzalo Assiego

Yvann Assiego

LYD Group was established in 2010 by Gonzalo Assiego as a family-run hospitality and lifestyle consortium, creating iconic brands with service-oriented experiences. At the core of our ethos we champion local values and cultures, infusing them with international practices and standards. LYD venues are all built in purposeful locations, in order to build the best human-centred experiences protecting local customs, traditions and landscapes..


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