The LYD Bali Group is dedicated to bringing you a superior lifestyle experience on the stunning tropical Indonesian island of Bali.

Launched in 2010 and the brainchild of the enormously creative husband and wife (Gonzalo and Sandra), the LYD Bali Group is a privately owned family operated business, who pride themselves on offering the most consummate dining experiences, simply exquisite bars and ethereal sunsets, the “island of Gods” has to offer.

Form the instantly recognisable splashes of colour at La Planca, to the distinctively unique La Favela, the conceptually stunning La Laguna, or the jaw-dropping La Sicilia, LYD Bali Group aims to captivate and enthral you.

Each of our breathtaking locations source only to the finest produce locally and from around the world to ensure every exquisite creation from each of our menu dances on your plate. We offer the creme de la creme of of dining options from informal sunset bites to romantic fine dining experiences.